Family Circles
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  2. What is the Admin?
  3. How to use the Admin
    1. Service Panel


In the left menu, the Admin application is accessed by clicking on the icon

Run Admin

any place you see this icon you can click on it to go directly to the admin. If you hold the mouse over the icon it will show a reminder of what it does.

What is the Admin?

The admin interface is how you can administer a running service. Exporting its contents, clearing it, loading content, and checking on its status.

How to use the Admin

The admin interface consists of the Service Panel on the left side and a report of the connected service on the right. The report of the service status has the following information:

  1. Service Name

    The service name used to generate the contents of the page.

  2. Records

    Count of the number of People and Family records in the service.

  3. Server

    Shows the server usage with total number of requests made and how many of those requests resulted in errors.

  4. API

    Break down of server errors and successful requests by API, path, and Type.

Note: The usage request to return the usage data will not be included in the API count until the next usage request. Some requests can be errors that are not related to any API (unsupported paths, access restrictions).

Service Box

Service Panel:

The admin actions supported by the service panel on the left hand side consist of the following.

Service Box

Service Box:

Enter a url for the service you want to administer.

If the URL starts with "/" it will be considered relative to the server the admin application is run from.

Import Box

Import Box:

First select the type of file to import from the drop down menu: Family Circles JSON or GEDCOM. Then either:

  • Click the "choose file" to import a local file of the specified format to the service.
  • Click the text box and enter the URL of a file to load then click the web button.

If the URL starts with "/" it will be considered relative to the server the admin application is run from.

Export Box

Export Box:

Export/save the current contents of the service as a Family Circles JSON file.

Clear Box

Clear Box:

Remove all person and family records from the service.