Family Circles


Family Circles primarily consists of 3 applications: viewer, builder, and explorer. It also has an admin application for managing a service that can be used by the builder and is required for the explorer.

The applications can be accessed from this site by clicking on these icons any place you see them

Run Viewer  Run Builder  Run Explorer  Run Admin

or through your own URL, page Link, or Embedded in a page.


The applications can be run using URL's like:<version>/<application>?<args>



Use any directory name found in /code.


viewerInteract with static model
builder Interact/build model and view/modify data in a service
explorerInteract with model and view data in a service
adminLoad/Export/Monitor/Clear service


The applications support the following arguments:

ApplicationArgument ValueDescription
viewerdataURL URL to a Family Circles JSON Data file
builderservice (optional)URL URL of Family Circles service
explorerserviceURL URL of Family Circles service
adminservice (optional)URL URL of Family Circles service


So you can create a specific link to the viewer like:

  <a href="">Family</a>

Example: Family


The easiest way to render a model on a page is to use an iframe.

  <iframe src="<version>/<application>?<args>"
          width="200px" height="200px" frameborder="0" style="border:0"></iframe>


  <iframe src="" 
          width="200px" height="200px" frameborder="0" style="border:0"></iframe>


Any of the applications can be embedded on a page using the same approach as above.