Family Circles


In the left menu, the Explorer application is accessed by clicking on the icon

any place you see this icon you can click on it to go directly to the explorer. If you hold the mouse over the icon it will show a reminder of what it does.


The explorer is what you will turn to when you have a large number of people that you need to sift through and loading up the entire Family Circles file will just prove rather cumbersome.

The interface to the explorer is actually very sparse since it is only a text box in the upper right hand corner with a drop down menu saying either clear or add. The explorer only looks sparse at first though, because it draws from all the data that is currently loaded into the service on the admin tab. When you start typing in a name in the search bar, the explorer will look through the entirety of the service for letters that match the order you’re inputting them.

For instance, if you’re looking for a man named Fitz, there will be an entry for Fitz in the dropdown menu, but if there’s also the last name Fitzgerald in the same service, then that will show up in the dropdown menu as well. If you want to prevent the service from finding other names with Fitz in it, all you have to do is put a % sign after you type in the name. So what would be in the textbox is Fitz% instead of just Fitz. Adding the % lets the service know that you’re only looking for Fitz and not just things with Fitz in them.

Now, to go back to just Fitz, for a given individual the service will show multiple entries for the same person in the drop down menu. Say for instance that Fitz’s full name is Fitz Harrington, and he married a woman named Pamela. The top entry in the drop down menu will just be the name “Fitz” but an entry below that will say “Harrington Fitz/Pamela.” Selecting the top entry will load up just Fitz all by himself onto the display, but clicking the bottom entry will load up the whole family that Fitz has with Pamela. Basically the drop down menu gives you a brief snippet into who the person you’re searching for is related to, and that makes it easier to find who it is that you’re looking for.

For the most part, navigating the displays that the explorer loads up from a search is exactly the same as navigating the viewer. The only difference comes in when a dot for a person is blue. Now, say I loaded Fitz in all by his lonesome instead of clicking on his family entry, he would be a lone dot on the screen with his name floating above it. His dot, instead of being the usual orange, would be blue though. When a dot is blue this means that the person represented has more connections that aren’t currently being displayed. All you have to do is right click on Fitz and the family that he has with Pamela will load up. In this way you can continue to expand the display by following the blue dots.

The only other thing that needs addressing here is the dropdown menu to the right of the textbox. By default it is set to clear, and this just means that when you search a name or family and select them, everything in the display will get reset and it will only display what you selected. If you have a family already loaded though and want to see how someone else in the service connects to them, you would choose add from the dropdown menu when you go to search and select them. This way the previous family you had loaded up won’t clear, and you’ll be able to expand the new person until you see how they connect up to your already displayed family.

Function Action
1 Button Mouse 3 Button Mouse Touch
Open Related Page
Titles are different color (Blue) if available
Mouse Click Left Mouse Click Single Finger Tap
Look at/Center on Item Double Mouse Click Double Left Mouse Click Double Single Finger Tap
Rotate Model Mouse Drag Left Mouse Drag Single Finger Drag
Zoom In/Out Model CTRL Mouse Drag Middle Mouse Drag/Scroll Wheel 2 Finger Spread/Pinch
Pan Model Shift Mouse Drag
Meta/Command Mouse Drag
Arrow Keys
Right Mouse Drag Double Finger Drag
Expand Relations
Dots are different color (Blue) if available
Shift Mouse Click
Meta/Command Mouse Click
Right Mouse Click Shift Single Finger Tap
Double Finger Tap